Why should komla dumor die

And so tonight, you must celebrate the fact that one season is past, and another season is born. That brings me to the second reason I dislike the government. Through his tenacious journalism and compelling storytelling, Komla worked tirelessly to bring a more nuanced African narrative to the world.

Komla rest in peace you will be greatly missed. But my main duty is to hold the government, which controls our taxes accountable. Do not allow anger to get the best of you. He was affable, friendly and had a good sense of humour. Do I hate the NDC.

Certainly, do not entertainment any means of vengeance, for these suggestions of anger are all a plot of the enemy to alter the course of your life for the worse.

As African reporting goes, most eyes in will likely be on the major economic powers such as Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya, or on the crises that continue to spring up on the continent, primarily in Central Africa and South Sudan.

I first met him in Ghana in You have a duty; you are responsible; you are accountable. Here are five countries that can make a big difference for the continent in under the right conditions and circumstances.

This is because of the work I do. Evidence of this is seen in the text he sent to some close friends few days before his demise.

I started writing opinion pieces when I entered the Ghana Institute of Journalism in Although Zambia is landlocked, its development has been noteworthy. It is a nation ready for the assistance of U. And the God I serve knows this. You know it's so difficult to call Ghana.

You have felt the injury and succumbed to the tears or even the outrage and surrendered to the anger. The best testimony of the greatness of that dream and vision, is and will be the quality of the students that it produces and the effect and impact that they in turn have on society.

According to Owusu Bempah, Komla Dumor would not have died if he had taken the prophecy seriously and acted on the guidance and directions that followed it.

Photos: Mahama mourns KABA

When we leave this room, you will not be a high school student anymore. The government risked the safety of this country by accepting two toxic parcels from Guantanamo Bay. Discussion of the past seems to be still very difficult. You must be ready to respond to complaints and to explain how and why a story was investigated.

Initiative for the advancement of visually impaired persons. 80 likes. The Initiative is a body whose aim is to solicit for aids to empower the visually. Whilst Anas is fast becoming the icon for investigative reporting in Africa, we should not forget that Komla himself was the lead crusader into the corruption scandal at the Social Security and.

Returning to the conversation about global pandemics, Gates sharpened the conversation on how to think about how the government should approach social networks and, in his opinion, they should strengthen control and adjust it with a heavy hand.

Komla Dumor presenting Africa Business Report in In Komla Dumor became the first host of Africa Business Report on BBC World News. He was a regular presenter of Focus on Africa and had fronted the programme the day before he died. Why I dislike the government. I am an anti-corruption investigative journalist.

The government is the greatest purveyor and facilitator of corruption in Ghana, as in many countries. So as an anti-corruption journalist, the government is my natural enemy.

NEVER STOP Laughing.

Use KABA’s death to look into Ghana’s health care delivery – Mahama

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Why should komla dumor die
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