Persiane blindate acciaio inox

The Metalsud Lo Gatto S. Model top 2, asymmetrical leaves, main and secondary leaves coated with panels in abs, shiny line, mod.

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The overhead door closer CISA offers an aes- thetic solution of high level for a perfect con- trol of opening and closing of doors as well as a very easy to apply Fig. Vt, model on design. The company led by Domenico Arena inin fact, wanted to meet the growing demand for security doors and roller shutters.

Ampia e variegata, la produzione Emme. Two are the objectives we set: I Cilindri Europei possono essere scelti dal nostro catalogo.

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Servono a schermare dal sole, in modo da creare in casa un ambiente confortevole. Slat anti-lift system, 4-sided frame, adapters for trouble-free fitting complete with rubber weather stripping, multi-point lock and Yale-type cylinder.

E dal ad oggi. The structure is realized in double plate, strengthened with 2 vertical and 3 horizontal Omega of thickness 2 mm. Model top fire, coated with panel in natural stone, materia line, mod.

The acrylic sheet is applied on a support of MDF, to maintain a perfect surface quality in covered environments. General criteria of acceptability The quality control, from the optical point of view of a finishing panel, installed, if not different specified, is hereafter under- stood: Serratura con frontale in acciaio inoxchiusura con maniglia e bloccaggio tramite cilindro a profilo europeo.

Have a core of insulation respectively MDF Assembled by steel plates with films Renolit wood effect front and an aluminum plate to balance the tensions behind. Le porte blindate appartenenti a questa classe sono messe alla prova cercando di forzare la serratura.

Am,composed by ardesia, quarzite and arenaria stones, in following finishes: Big design Handle mod. Model top, coated with panel, top model, coated with inlaid panel line liberty, mod.

ENG Soundproofing measures the port capacity to reduce the noise: TO PREVENT - by shutting down the break with a recognizable visual and sound alarm in order to warn the miscreant to have been discovered and monitored. The company manages 5 retail stores in Calabria.

Gaschet in EPDM on the leaf double deviator. The European Cylinders can be selected from our catalogue. Le porte blinda- te appartenenti a questa classe sono messe alla prova cercando di forzare la serratura e tentando lo scardinamento mediante leve.

The patented method of construction gives strenght to the structure an original design. They can assume those functional and symbolic values with the style and architectural research.

Snella nelle forme e dal design ricercato.

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Realizzabile in tutti modelli. > Go to website - INALF - Produzione persiane blindate orientabili in acciaio i Categories INALF,Serramenti in Alluminio,Taglio Termico,Porte e finestre,Portoni Blindati,Finestre in Alluminio,Persiane Blindate Orientabili.

Ecomet SRL - Grate, Persiane e Porte Blindate, Monoblocchi Termoacustici added an event/5(8).

Persiane blindate

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Copertura acciaio inox lucidate a specchio con adesivo ultraresistente. Polished stainless steel cover for hinges with extra strong sticker. AISI Cerniera in acciaio inox lucidate.

Stainless steel hinges. Cod. Dimensioni Model Dimensions 38x35 Cerniera in acciaio inox lucidate. Stainless steel hinges. AISI AISI Cod.

Persiane blindate acciaio inox
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