Marketing strategies of agrani bank

Among the topics highlighted are strategies related to product, pricing, promotion, distribution channel, and human resources. At the end oftotal Islamic deposits placed by customers at commercial banks increased to RM53, It has ranged branches January throughout the country.

Operational manual, official website, banking journals. M and Regional office is headed by AGM The Organizational chart shows the organizational structure and the line and staff management of the Bank There are 41 Divisions and 59 Departments in the head office.

To highlight the practices of loan and advances disbursement in Sonali Bank Limited. The board of directors is the top management and apex policy- making body of sonali Bank, which is constituted in terms of the Bangladesh Banks order, Public support and acceptance towards the Islamic banking system is also high as reflected by the usage of Islamic banking products offered by the conventional financial institutions.

Investment-income of the Bank is shared with the Mudaraba depositors according to an agreed upon ratio ensuring a reasonably fair rate of return on their deposits.

To extend co-operation to the poor, the helpless and the low-income group for economic uplift. For service development and design the ABL follow strategies of - major or radical innovation, initiatives for start up business, new services for currently served market, service line extension, service improvement and style change.

Marketing Strategies of Agrani Bank

Sonali Bank is the largest Nationalized Commercial Bank of the country. On the other hand there are also many studies on problems and shortfalls of Basel-II implementation.

In Novembera delegation of IDB visited Bangladesh and showed keen interest to participate in establishing a joint venture Islamic Bank in the private sector. In the case of Bangladesh Bank, it is evident from the annual report that the bank aspires to become a challenger to IBBL.

So, appropriate policies, procedures and systems should be implemented at each financial institution for identifying, measuring, monitoring and controlling credit risk effectively.

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Islamic Banking System Since its introduction, Islamic banking products have been well accepted by Bangladeshis. Regulatory authorities are therefore making efforts to design appropriate strategies that would enable the banking sector for smooth transition to Basel II. For example, Maybank Bhd. After the birth of Bangladesh on 16th Decembernewly formed Sonali bank for mass banking got special facilities from the govt.

The concept of integrated marketing communication is relatively new especially for the government banks in Bangladesh but the ABL is trying its best to adapt the concept and try to make proper use of it through its personnel, latest technologies and adequate knowledge. This becomes increasingly crucial as foreign players enter the market and as products and services become more undifferentiated.

Business philosophy of IBBL: ABL is playing a major role in the growth of healthy business sector and a vibrant economy of Bangladesh. The corporation head quarter of the bank is located at Motijhell, Dhaka Bangladesh, the main commercial center of the capital. Building customer relationship is main priority for all service oriented businesses these days and ABL dose understand this and for that they are running various training programs and motivational tours to make proper use of relationship marketing process.

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Principal office is headed by D. As this company is in the Real Estate business since over half a decade, buyers and investors put their profound faith on the professionals of this firm.

The objectives of the study are as follows: The Board of Directors has autonomy to organize, operate and manage its affairs on commercial consideration subject to broad policy of the government. The corporate head quarter of the bank is located at Motijheel, Dhaka, Bangladesh, the main commercial center of the capital.

To cope up with the decentralization policy of the Government, the bank had to expand its branches in the remote areas of the country. For example, in a recent workthe authors reported that IBBL customers perceived compliance to Shariah as the most important factor when dealing with the bank.

Another spokesman of Basel-II Dr. This paper reviews the current marketing strategy of Islamic banks in Bangladesh. Pillar II defines the process of supervisory review of a financial institution's risk management framework.

To understand the investment policy of IBBL with other banks. Besides, To establish and maintain the modern banking technology, to ensure the soundness and development of the financial system based on Islamic principles and become the strong and efficient organization with highly motivated professionals, working for the benefit of people, based upon accountability, transparency and integrity in order to ensure stability of financial system.

It is very elaborate and far superior in terms of its coverage and details. Only a lot of knowledge will be little important unless it is applicable in practical life.

The bank participates in various socio-economic development activities and also takes part in implementation of various polities and program made by government. Agrani Bank is one of the leading banks in Bangladesh offering private, retail and corporate banking.

Visit our website for more information. The main object of the this report to know about the marketing policies Bank Limited. This Bank tries to provide higher quality services which leads to higher customer satisfaction. Sonali bank Agrani Balika Biddyalaya Branch issues different types of guarantee as stated below: The loan and advance strategy of Sonali Bank Limited is not.

Marketing strategy includes all basic and long-term activities in the field of marketing that deal with the analysis of the strategic initial situation of a company and the formulation, evaluation and selection of market-oriented strategies and therefore contribute to the goals of the company and its marketing.

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1 SME Banking: Bank A STUDY ON MARKETING STRATEGY IN THE. Agrani Bank - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

strategy is articulated to senior management from the beginning of the year so that they are fully aware of the ALM strategies. Agrani Bank Limited Agrani Bank Limited. Agrani Homes Real Marketing Pvt Ltd is well-known in the Real Estate market for their first-class construction projects for both commercial and residential purposes.

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